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What is Hospital Care/Indemnity Coverage?

Hospital Care coverage provides a benefit according to the schedule below when a Covered Person incurs a Hospital stay resulting from a Covered Injury or Covered Illness.

Plan Rules:

  • Eligibility: All full-time employees working 20+ hours/week, spouse, and children  (up to age 26)

  • Coverage provided by Cigna

  • No health questions - Every Year!

  • Benefits do not coincide with health insurance payments and are made directly to you

  • 30 Day Waiting Period

  • For admission benefit, must be admitted as an inpatient due to a covered injury or illness.

    • Excludes emergency room and outpatient treatment, or re-admission for the same injury or illness.

  • The chart below is a sample of covered services.


Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.

Email: mybenefits@campusbenefits.com

Call 1-866-433-7661, option 5

Contact Cigna - 1 (800) 433-5768

Group Number: CI960776

Cigna Member Website

Portability Feature - You, your spouse, and child(ren) can continue 100% of your coverage at the time your coverage ends. You must be covered under the policy and be under the age of 99 in order to continue your coverage. Rates may change and all coverage ends at age 100. Applies to United States Citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens residing in the United States